Infusion Therapy

What is Infusion Therapy?

Home Infusion Therapy is a specialized service that needs the expertise of a skilled infusion Registered Nurse. For many stable patients, home infusion therapy (IV) is a safe and comfortable alternative to receiving your infusion therapy in the hospital or in an ambulatory setting. New home infusion patients often experience more positive results from their treatments, recover faster, and have a decreased risk of encountering certain complications, such as infections. Home infusion IV therapy is a cost-effective way to enjoy a better quality of life during your prescribed treatment, as you are receiving your infusion treatment in the comfort of your home. Our registered nurses evaluate each patient's condition to recommend an appropriate plan of care, working closely with your medical provider and infusion pharmacist


What We Offer:

Serene's hi-tech registered nurses service a wide pediatric and adult population of chronic and acute conditions. Our skilled nurses administer specialty therapies including but not limited to:

  • IVIG

  • Factors

  • Antibiotics

  • Enzyme Replacement Therapy

  • Initial Infusions Dosing

  • TPN, Hydration Therapy

  • Inotrope Therapy 

  • Steroids

  • Chemotherapy 

  • Peripheral Line Insertion

  • CVAD Care and Access

  • PICC Care and Removal

  • Medication Education